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Urban Healing House

Finding Freedom and Connection

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I work with ambitious individuals who are striving to do your best and succeed at work, in business or in life. 

You may feel stuck, perhaps it's the feeling of something missing or things not quite clicking together the way you want them to despite your every effort. 

I can help you build awareness of what that 'missing piece' is or re-examine the bigger picture of what you're trying to achieve. We will work together to help you understand yourself, what you want in life and how you're getting there, so you can strive for success that is truly meaningful for you!

I use a combination of techniques from coaching, mindfulness and yoga philosophy, along with my own experiences working in high-growth organizations across industries. 

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"The places where we feel blocked or the areas of weakness and blindness unique to each of us - are our gifts. If we look deeply enough into these dark places, we will discover something truly meaningful that is of great value to us and of great benefit to others."

Wisdom of the Body Moving by Linda Hartley

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Relaxation & Connection

Striving for more can be intense and causes you to be wound up and caught in your own thoughts. 

The first step to finding clarity is actually to relax and connect with your inner wisdom before trying to find solutions.

Finding Physical Freedom

In the knowledge era, we are so used to using the brain as the primary source of truth to solve our problems. 

The body actually stores a lot of information that we don't often access, however, if you can tap into it, you'll find new perspectives to your problems. 

Finding Emotional Freedom

Many things we do are reactions to the past without us realising. 

In order to build a sustainable path forward, we will use mindfulness techniques to set aside external triggers and examine where you are now and where you truly want to go.

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My Story

Type-A High Achiever Turned Zen Lover


My name is Iris. I'm the founder of Urban Healing House.

For the first part of my life, I was a type A achiever who was constantly looking to do more, chasing after bigger jobs, anxious about not being good enough. I have experienced the modern capitalist mental and emotional struggles.

Of course, certain things won't chage within; I am still very much a doer and I still question if I'm doing enough from time-to-time, however, I'm more at ease with myself. I'm not easily stressed or angered by others because of the connection I've found with my body and emotions. 

By discovering my pattern of overthinking, and by starting to unravel how I felt in the body, I found my way to a more balanced and free self. 

I am a certified coach, yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner. I am also experienced in sound healing and am training in Gestalt Therapy. 

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your journey.

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