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Urban Healing House

Finding Freedom and Connection



Urban Healing House is designed for people who are looking to live more authentically, be less stressed or less anxious, and find peace in their daily life. 

In the busy world we live in, it's easy to be pulled in so many directions and lose sight of what truly makes you happy, calm or feel loved. 

We offer 1-to-1 sessions for you to explore ways to find freedom and joy within yourself. Depending on your needs, sessions may include:

  • Body movement - this helps relax and engage with the body;

  • Sound healing - this taps into any trapped sensations or emotions in the body;

  • Mindfulness - this allows you to see from different perspectives.​

We also offer group sessions aimed at developing different aspects of your wellbeing - physical, mental and emotional.


"The places where we feel blocked or the areas of weakness and blindness unique to each of us - are our gifts. If we look deeply enough into these dark places, we will discover something truly meaningful that is of great value to us and of great benefit to others."

Wisdom of the Body Moving by Linda Hartley

Buddhist Singing Bowl
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Relaxation & Connection

Sound healing and therapy session using Tibetan Singing Bowls

Experience the healing sound and vibration of tibetan singing bowls while you sit or lie down.
Often people find the sound 'unlocks' tension in the body or pent up emotions.
By allowing the tension and emotions to release, you can find a deeper connection within.

Finding Physical Freedom

Therapeutic yoga session tailored to your unique needs

Yoga is more than the physical postures. It can be a way to tune in to your body and use insights from the movement to help your self-development. 
If you feel like you're someone who 'lives in the head' quite a lot, this may be the type of session that you need.

Finding Emotional Freedom

Talking therapy using mindfulness

If you're experiencing struggles, trying to find solutions to your problems but not able to move forward, then talking to someone in a safe and open space could help. 
We will use mindfulness techniques to see things from different perspectives, and then use these new perspectives to help overcome issues you're facing.


My Story

Type-A High Achiever Turned Zen Lover


My name is Iris. I'm the founder of Urban Healing House.

For the first part of my life, I was a type A achiever who was constantly looking to do more, chasing after bigger jobs, anxious about not being good enough. I have experienced the modern capitalist mental and emotional struggles.

Of course, certain things won't chage within; I am still very much a doer and I still question if I'm doing enough from time-to-time, however, I'm more at ease with myself. I'm not easily stressed or angered by others because of the connection I've found with my body and emotions. 

By discovering my pattern of overthinking, and by starting to unravel how I felt in the body, I found my way to a more balanced and free self. 

I am a certified coach, yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner. I am also experienced in sound healing and am training in Gestalt Therapy. 

I look forward to connecting with you and supporting you on your journey.




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