Relaxing by the Water


Finding freedom and connection



We sometimes can become stuck with events or other people we encounter in life. Urban Healing House offers you the space and time to examine negative emotions or thoughts that have stuck with you, and supports you to explore ways to start finding freedom within yourself. 

Depending on your needs, sessions may include:

  • Body movement - this helps relax and engage with the body;

  • Sound healing - this taps into any trapped sensations or emotions in the body;

  • Mindfulness - this allows you to see from different perspectives;

along with talking through issues and your experiences throughout each session. ​

Taking Notes


Type-A High Achiever Turned Zen Lover


My name is Iris. I'm the lead coach at Urban Healing House.

For the first part of my life, I was a type A achiever who was constantly looking to do more, chasing after bigger jobs, anxious about not being good enough...all the modern capitalist mental and emotional struggles, I have experienced them. 

Of course, certain things won't chage within; I am still very much a doer and I still question if I'm doing enough from time-to-time, however, I'm more at ease with myself. I'm not easily stressed or angered by others because of the connection I've found with my body and emotions. 

By discovering that the importance I placed on my thoughts was disproportionally high compared to the importance I placed on how I felt in the body or other signs I ignored, I found my way to a more balanced and free self. 

I am a certified coach, yoga teacher and mindfulness practitioner. I am also experienced in sound healing and am training in Gestalt Therapy. 




Water Lily